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Month: November 2018

How to Unclog a Drain Without Chemicals

How to unplug drain

A clogged drain is one of the annoying house repairs any homeowner dreads. Whether it be your sink, bathtub or toilet, a clogged drain isn’t always as simple as it looks. We are here to tell you how to unclog a drain without chemicals and happily watch that water flow freely and quickly.

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Clogged drains are too much trouble. It requires immediate attention because you will have a flood on your hands if not addressed. Although it’s not always fun to unclog a drain, you must know a few tricks to clear it without calling a plumber. Luckily, we have the easy steps for you.

Pour hot, boiling water. 

When you see that water’s not flowing continuously, the first thing to do is pour boiling water into the drain. If it gets unclogged, then that means that the cause of the blockage is only grease or … continue reading

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Maintaining HVAC Efficiency

How to maintain HVAC efficiency? Air Conditioners & heat pumps have proven to be very effective in improving human quality of life as the season and the climate change throughout the year. It gives us the right amount of coolness during the summer months by helping us keep our cool and stay comfortable when the scorching sun shines all summer long. It also keeps us warm when the snow starts falling during winter.

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Cooling and heating systems continue to improve as time passes. Modern HVAC models have more features now, allowing us to enjoy optimal indoor air comfort without spending much on utilities like before. You can also customize your indoor conditions by choosing the type of HVAC system you install in your home depending on your taste and cooling and heating needs. It is vital for people who love to stay indoors as they spend … continue reading

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