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How to Select the Right Sized Furnace

Many people are looking to purchase a forced-air heating system for a new home or replace an older heating system in their home. It’s a wise choice because modern furnaces are very energy efficient and convenient to operate.

For it to reach peak performance, the furnace must be the right size for your home. Check out the following tips on how to match the size of the furnace with your home.

Before You Go Looking In Showrooms
What is the very first key step when shopping for a new furnace? That key step is knowing exactly how big your home is. If you have a larger home you may think that it’s a lot of trouble to figure this out but it’s really not. It cannot be emphasized enough how critical it is to properly size your new furnace purchase. Why? Because having a furnace that is way too big for your home is ok but most likely will be a waste of money. Having one that is too small means your home will take a long time to heat up and will be highly inefficient while doing it; not to mention it will overwork the system because it will constantly be running.

So the first big thing you need to know in order to learn how to select the right sized furnace is to know the square meters of area in your home. You need to know the approximate height, width and length of each room in order to figure this out. You most likely will only have to take a height measurement once because in most homes the ceiling height is even throughout them. Have another family member hold one end of a tape measure and then just measure the length and width quickly of all the other rooms. It’s not rocket science but you do want to get the figures as close as possible.

Getting the Furnace Selection Process Started at the Showroom
When you are getting ready to purchase a new furnace you really need to work closely with your salesperson to get it right. It would be very surprising if one of the first questions they ask you is if you know the number of square meters in your home. You have got this one covered already and your salesperson will be impressed by your initiative.


This information will help your salesperson know exactly how to select the right sized furnace for your home. These are professionals that know how to take the measurements you provide and match you up to a system that is not overpriced and will work very efficiently in your size home.

These two steps are a critical part of learning how to select the right sized furnace. Between you and your salesman you should have no problem finding the size of furnace that more than adequately meets your needs.