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Don’t Ignore HVAC Problems!


A minor difference in your HVAC system’s efficiency may mean that there is something wrong with your system. The mere sounds and smells emitted by your system can already mean there is a problem. This may result in a major discrepancy in your system’s performance and long-term utility costs and its longevity may be at stake. No matter how high the efficiency rate of your heat pump is, if it is not installed properly, it will still contribute to the significant increase in your utility costs as it may not reach its full performance potential, hindering it to operate at full efficiency.

Maintenance for your HVAC system is something many people tend to neglect, but as an owner of an HVAC unit, you should not take it for granted and you should remind yourself to keep track of it. Scheduling annual maintenance helps in increasing your HVAC system’s energy efficiency and indoor comfort, it also prevents repairs and it helps extend the life of your system. Disruption of bodily processes, which can be linked to extreme temperatures, may eventually result in various health problems such as colds, fevers and even hypothermia which were all proven lethal. So before you ask if whether maintaining your HVAC systems is worth the effort, you have to keep in mind that they can and will affect you.

It improves comfort and safety. HVAC installation is not one-size-fits-all. The design and size of your duct work and ventilation, the settings on your unit, the drainage and more all need to be correct in order for your unit to function effectively and efficiently. If mistakes are made by inexperienced or unethical installers, you could end up with temperature variance issues, humidity problems, and even carbon monoxide leaks.

It reduces noise. If your ventilation is improperly designed or connected to the HVAC unit, the resulting noise can drive everyone in the building crazy. Choose a knowledgeable installer to avoid this problem.

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We all want to live comfortably with the help of our HVAC systems. We cannot achieve that kind of comfort, however, if we only rely on the system itself. It takes more than just choosing an affordable heat pump that suits our budget and liking and installing them to where we want them to be. Installing a heat pump requires enough attention to avoid potential problems that may come with poor installation. Many may disregard proper installation but here’s why it’s actually pretty beneficial.

Keeping several gallons of water at ready temperature for use can eventually cause the tanks that hold the water to crack and leak. Along with causing the discomfort of cold water, a leak can be dangerous if left unattended. If you have an issue with your tank under our HVAC Systems Protection plan, you only need to call us. We will get a trusted, local contractor to your home, pay for the covered repair, and guarantee that repair for a full year.

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HVAC systems protect us from a lot of things but it is also important to keep them protected. One thing to do in order for your HVAC systems to be safe is to install hail guards. The fins and the refrigerant coil of your indoor unit may be damaged when a storm hits.

Hail guards are made from thick metals which gives them the ability to stay incredibly still and intact all year and still maintain the efficient performance of your HVAC system. To protect your unit, it is important to have professionals remove the hinges which most hail guards have.

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