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5 Easy Steps to Unclog the Drain

How to unplug drainPlumbing Tips

A clogged drain is one of the annoying house repairs any homeowner dreads. May it be your sink, your bathtub or your toilet, a clogged drain isn’t always as simple as it looks. That being said, we are here to tell you how to unclog any drain and happily watch that water flow freely and quickly.

Clogged drains are too much trouble. It requires your immediate attention because if not dealt with, you will have a flood on your hands. Although it’s not always fun to unclog a drain, it is necessary that you know a few of these tricks to clear the drain without having to call a Master Plumber. Luckily, we have the easy steps for you.

1.Pour hot, boiling water. When you see that water’s not flowing continuously, the first thing to do would be to pour boiling water in the drain. If it … continue reading

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